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Too close to home

When my father got sick in March of 2020 we thought it was just a cold. When we asked how he was feeling he quickly brushed it off, “Oh, it’s just a little cough. I’ll feel better soon enough.”

A week later he was rushed into the hospital—and then the ICU. He spent two weeks on a ventilator. His health declined as doctors scrambled to figure out how to fight this new disease. We held out hope, but the experts told us to prepare for the worst. Then, a miracle happened…

He got off the ventilator. His symptoms started to subside. While still weak, he seemed to be getting better. He spent a few more weeks in the hospital recovering.

When he finally got the OK to be released, it was determined that he’d come and stay with my family until he made a full recovery.

Four days later, he was gone—found on the floor of my daughter’s room by my 9 year old son. My husband tried in vain to resuscitate him, but Covid had taken its toll.

Memories poured in from his former students, friends, and colleagues—speaking to his unique character and overly generous heart. He loved life and lived it to its fullest, but at only 66 years old he should have had more time.

This story is mine, but it’s one of many. With the US death toll now at over 200,000, there are too many similar reports echoed across our nation and globe. In a time when our government should be championing aid and awareness, they have instead chosen to only suppress and silence the threat.

This site was started as my way to take a stand and raise awareness about the pandemic. It’s my hope that by wearing our message we can each raise awareness and show support for those that were—and continue to be—affected by this disease.

My Dad never sat idly by when others were in need….and I won’t either. I urge you to honor his legacy and the legacies of those that have fought and sacrificed in this disaster.

Together we can make a difference,
Karlee Greer
Lindale, Texas

100% of profits to the cause

Marked By COVID is building a movement to fight back against the COVID crisis. We’ve made huge gains, but we have a long road ahead of us, from elections to recovery.

We are demanding a coordinated, data-driven, national response to the pandemic and with your support, we will uplift the stories of those who have been affected, continue to support families who have lost loved ones as they publish honest obituaries and hold vigils, and organize direct actions that hold elected officials accountable for hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

For more information visit the Marked by Covid site.

Transparency in giving

Too often, donation sites don't provide details on how much of the proceeds actually go to the cause. Here is the breakdown of expense and profit from each shirt sold:

Design & development cost: $0 (Donated)
Shirt and printing cost: $5 for most sizes
Shipping cost: $4 for the first shirt, $1 for each additional shirt
Covid relief & awareness: EVERYTHING else ($5.95 per shirt)