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Divided We Fall - Covid 19 Mask Debate

Divided We Fall - Covid 19 Mask Debate


We know masks are effective at stopping the spread of Covid 19The nation’s leading doctors agreeTop scientists agreeHealth experts from around the world agree.


So, considering the facts—rooted in science and empirical evidence—it’s lunacy that this point still needs to be defended. Yet, here we are.

And for many that refuse to accept logic and reason, the decision to wear a mask has become a symbol of freedom or oppression.


Putting on a mask is just like putting on a seatbelt when you get into a car—a law that was enacted to protect those that would illogically choose not to protect themselves.

At the time, 65% off Americans opposed seatbelts being required by law—citing a violation of their freedom. Yet today, it’s safe to assume that most Americans accept this as a logical requirement, a fact of life. Few would consider plopping their two-year-old in the back seat freely and heading down the highway with no regard for their well being.


So why today, have we turned a similar safety measure into a polarizing political statement? Why should our health—and the health of those we come in contact with—be a Democrat or Republican issue? We’re better than this.

The United States, a country that’s often touted itself as having one of the very best healthcare systems in the world, continues to rank near the top of those with high death to population rates. This is tragic—and embarrassing.

These deaths, like the death of my Dad from Covid in April, will continue to mount unless we change course now.


Wearing a mask is not—and should not be perceived as—a political statement.

It is a proven way to slow this pandemic down. 

It is a way to show others that you care about THEIR safety. 

We can “Make America Great Again” by caring for ourselves...and for each other. If we are going to get back to a greater anything, let’s get back to love and respect. 


Let’s all do our part. Wear your mask.